Friday, June 3, 2016

Bel -Air's Kids In The Kitchen 2016

Summer is almost over for the kids because classes will start soon.  We had our annual cooking lessons for children called, Kids in the Kichen!


The "Tita Chefs" , the term coined by our "Lola Chef , Tita Ope Lopez" did the cooking demo.

Tita Chef Lia was assigned to teach Mac and Cheese from scratch.


Tita Chef Chickee taught them French Onion Dip and Cheese Dip.  She is a naughty Tita because she announced to the whole group that.... 

"Kids! Do you know that Tita Lia loooooves kids! You can go to her house and ring her doorbell anytime.  She loves to feed children!"



Hahahahahahahaha! OMG! I almost had a heart attack right on the spot! I do invite children to my house but I know they are very good and well behaved kids!

Tita Chef Tricia's lesson for them was how to assemble a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomatoes!

Tita Chef Cris' dessert was S'mores Oreo Trifle.

Sorry I do not have most of the finished products.  I brought Yaya Hermie with me take pictures.... Of ME! 

But when I checked my camera roll, most of the photos were of Mona's! I deleted them already. Of course! 

Hahahahahaha. Why did she have to do that?

I was the first one who did the demo.






The older kids were the assistants.  Kim, Seven, Jose and Luna helped me prepare the ingredients.


We also had Tita Facilitators for each table.




After my stint on the stage, I went to my table and together with my assistant, Tia, we helped the kids with their cooking lessons.




Ohhhh the project was a success! Tita Nene was very happy because there were soooo many kids! 



So many that my allergies acted up! Hahahahahaha.  Everybody knows I'm allergic to kids. I'm not kidding!

It was a fruitful afternoon.  I am so glad that there were a lot of participants. I think we are going to have one more session.

I hope the kids learned something and had fun, as well!


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