Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thursday Culinary Club 6-9-2016

We had another Culinary session last Thursday.  It just took me a while to write this post because I have been so busy lately! 

I should not be busy.  I should be spending my time reading, relaxing or just doing nothing but my schedule is so swamped! 

I invited my clubmates so they can try the Sinigang na Lechon from Cebu I cooked for dinner.



Pinky cooked Sweet and Sour Chicken.  She got the recipe from a video in FB. Soooo good! 2 thumbs up!


Mangoes and soda from Doc Bernie and Dra. Cristina!


Earlier in the day, I asked Pinky to make pizza from scratch.








Guess what is my current obsession???

Pizza from scratch!


We had rootbeer float with it.


Student Carrie baked Chocolate chip cookies! We were able to buy the morsels in Rustan's at 50% off!



For our lunch, we wanted to eat healthy food. It was my first time to cook Paksiw  na Bangus.



Pinky asked Mona to cook very thick monggo soup.

Healthy but hungry after a few minutes!

We all enjoy cooking and baking  We are taking advantage of the fact that we all have free time at the moment.   Soon they will be busy and I will be all alone again.

I will just have to think of another activity to keep myself busy and entertained!

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