Monday, June 6, 2016

Mommy And Me Baking Lessons

Mommies and kids were today's baking students.


Priscilla is only 4 years old but she was able to bake 
Gilly's Brownies


With the help of Jose


And Luna.



Wahhhhhh! I lost the picture of the Brownie ala mode!!!!

The next lesson was the Oreo Smores Trifle which we learned from Tita Chef Cris last Thursday.  Marga was in charge of this activity.



Priscilla helped, as well.




The last lesson was Sans Rival. It was student Cat( who is now known as Teacher Cat) who taught our new student, Maio.





I am so proud of them because they did such a very good job!



Looks and tastes so much better than commercial ones! 


The kids, especially Seven and Bea,  helped assemble the Quesadillas.  


Tita Chef Tricia grilled it for us. She also spent time with her inaanak, Lizzie.


I used 1 tortilla to make pizza with the help of Priscilla.



Class Picture of Mommy and Me Baking Lessons.



You can now order Sans Rival from Teacher Cat! Hahaha! Soon, she will be besieged with orders and won't have time for us anymore!!! 

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