Thursday, June 9, 2016

One Fine Day In Cebu

I spent the whole day in Cebu yesterday! I was with Mona and my new travel mates, FGM Cindy and her best friend since childhood, Cherry.


We left at dawn for our 6:35 flight! 

Our first stop was at the Abaca Baking Company. My ultimate favorite place in Cebu! 


Hahahaha! Ok, I have many favorites  but it is my flavor of the month, so to speak.  The few times I have been there, I was often on a wheat-free diet, so I would just buy the bread as pasalubong for my friends.

Just look at what they are offering! Yummy! Scrumptious! Delicious! I want them all! 





I could just stay there for a whole day and eat non-stop!

I ordered the Waffles with caramelized bananas, whipped cream and Georgia pecans.


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  Can you see the "sparkol" in my eyes?

I swear! I could eat 2 orders in one sitting! The waffles was light as air! 


The whipped cream?! Such a huge blob on top of the waffles!


I am still dreaming about it now.

Mona ordered the Cheese Danish.  


Cherry had the Bakery Benedict.


FGM had the "jumbo" Breakfast Quesadillas! I placed the table knife alongside it for size reference. 


We then went to Radisson Blu hotel where FGM and Cherry were billeted. We rested for a while.  


I set my alarm clock at 12:30 so we don't miss our next dining schedule.



They serve the best Crispy Pata in my opinion! I could not get over the fact that it looked so beautiful! I was in the waiting lounge in the airport browsing through my photos and kept on telling Mona, "Mona! It's so beautiful!" every 5 minutes.


The skin was paper thin like coupon bond and crunchy! The meat was so tender to the point that it was falling off the bone!

Chicharon Bulaklak.


I don't like chicharon bulaklak because sometimes it's like chewing gum but not at Alejandro's! Crispy and crunchy!

Pancit Bam-i! 


Another OMG! It was not dry and it was so flavorful!

Crab Relleno was surprisingly good.


Green Mangoes with Bagoong! Cherry and I enjoyed it! FGM and Mona did not eat it.  Yay! More for us!


And my most awaited food of the day, Snow Ice Halo Halo at Majestic, Ayala Center!

The shaved ice was like snowflakes! I only like to eat the ice and asked the server to put the rest of the ingredients in a separate bowl.



The waiter probably did not understand me.  The last time I was there, all the other ingredients were in a bowl.  But this time, I do not know who had this bright idea to put it in individual soy dishes!


I gave away the rest and just added the gulaman to my halo halo.

Afterwards, we went to Metro Supermarket to buy a few items, Guadalupe dried mango (another favorite), Chinese Sausage and Chicharon for pasalubong. I also bought CNT Lechon at Food Choices for sinigang.

Then..... GASPS.... It was time for Mona and I to head back to the airport.

But... I can't leave Cebu without going to Rico's Lechon.


I picked up my lechon which I ordered by phone the day before.

Bitin! Mona and I could not stay overnight because we have KST the next day.

While I was lining up at the airline counter, I looked at my carry on luggage and bag and thought to myself, when I left my house, the only thing inside was just a windbreaker! 


But going home, half of the luggage contained bread from Abaca Baking Company and the other half was filled with Chicharon!  Inside my traveling bag had 4 kilos of lechon!

Precious perishable cargo!

I cannot wait to go back to Cebu! Good thing I already have another trip scheduled in a couple of months.

Thank you my travel mates Mona, Cherry and FGM! 


I enjoyed myself and I am so happy to share with you my favorite eating places in Cebu!

Until the next time!

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