Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carb Phobia

I am afraid of carbs!

Ever since I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2000, I have always been advised to control the intake of rice, pasta and other carbs.

I have been on the low-carb diet on and off for several years now. There were no ill effects. Sugar and weight dropped down. But with the new medication, it was a fatal combination.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I need carbohydrates. I just learned that if you do not eat enough carbs, you body will create more sugar than what it needs, thereby spiking the glucose in the system.

Imagine, the instruction of the dietician was to eat carbs!!!!

Goodness! I should jump for joy that I AM allowed carbohydrates but the fear is always at the back of my mind.

The mind conditioning that carbs are bad is something I have to overcome.

I also realized that a healthy plate is a colorful plate!

Broccoli with butter and grated quezo de bola and Tricia's roasted pork in milk.

Would you believe when I woke up the next day my sugar was just 138?!?!

Of course, Lia being Lia.... Modified the diet given to me.

It is so stressful to weigh and measure everything plus to eat at a certain time each day.

By now, I can eye ball already the portions of my food.

The most important thing is to eat a minimum amount of carbs per meal.

If I am supposed to eat 1 C rice per meal, I would only eat 1/2 C.

That's the only concession I am willing to give myself. As long as I do not eat zero carbs, I will be ok.

I still have carb phobia, thinking all the time that the diet prescribed by the doctor and nutritionist will kill me.

Colorful World of Healthy Eating.

Omelette with mushrooms and cheese with a small sweet potato.

Pork giniling omelette with 65 g. of apple for breakfast. The omelette has carrots so I did not eat rice anymore.

Still pork giniling omelette the next day for breakfast with 175 grams of melon.

Breakfast was medium boiled cage-free eggs and a serving of melon.

I cooked shortribs sinigang and brought it to Dodai's house and ate it with 1 C. Rice.

When I went out the other day, I had Lechon Macau rice topping with Kangkong and a side order of sauteed vegetables.

Another dining out option, Healthy Shabu Shabu.

Mechado with fresh tomato sauce.

Roast Chicken with jellied whole cranberry sauce, mixed vegetables and mashed sweet potato.

Dodai taught me how to slice Roast Chicken breast.

I am allowed to eat bread and pasta but will just eat it once or twice a week.

Roast chicken sandwich with cranberry sauce, lettuce and tomato.

I am just so amazed at the colorful food.

I stopped using soysauce and patis. I am trying to removed food with preservatives from my diet.

The goal is to cook food "from the market to the table".

Been monitoring my sugar, it still goes up and down but at least there is a "down" now whereas before, it remained on the average of 180-220.


I stopped taking all the medications given by my new doctor and just resumed the prescription given by my former endocrinologist whom I will see next week when she comes back from abroad.



  1. Wow Lia a lot has happened since I was last here. I also need (badly, hehe) to go on a diet because sobrang laki ko na but like you, I also love to cook and experiment with food. But good luck to you. Good luck na rin siguro sa kin' ��~~~ Brent's mom

    1. Hello, Brent's Mom! Thank you! I think we need luck when we go on a diet.