Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's My Birthmonth!

Happy Birthday, Lia everyday!

Most of my friends and readers of my blog know that I celebrate my birthday everyday for the whole month of August!

Much to my detriment in terms of waistline and blood sugar!

I have been craving for chocolate cake for days! I even went to Rockwell the other night to buy a slice.

I am actually looking for the old-fashioned chocolate fudge cake. Remember the Cookie Monster Chocolate Cake with the yellow filling?

I can actually bake one but I'm too lazy plus I might eat the whole cake!

I know the Chocolate Cake of Starbucks is one of the best!

(Half-eaten Starbucks Chocolate Cake)

I was very happy when I went to the Glorietta 5 branch with Shey and Mona after KST yesterday because it was available.

I could not wait to eat my cake.... I was super excited.... While waiting for our ride.... I opened the box....

Only to find out..... The slice of cake was too small!

It used to be bigger!

The feeling was like somebody pricked my balloon with a needle!

But then.....

Ohhhhhhh it was very delish!

Hahahaha heavenly! It was not too sweet.

That brought a smile and a certain sparkle to my eyes.

Thank you, Shey for taking the pictures!




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