Monday, August 26, 2013

A Belly Happy Birthday in Cebu!

I celebrated my birthday weekend in Cebu with Ate and Gilly!

Ohhhhh my tummy was very happy and at the same time, very tired! It was more tired than my body.

I just have a few favorite places and food on my " to eat" list.

The most important of all and number 1 is......

CNT Lechon!

A Cebu trip for me is never complete without eating at CNT.

My Ate and I like their Dinuguan.

I even bought CNT Lechon to bring home to Manila.

We picked up our orders on our way to the airport at their Juan Luna Extension branch across SM City, Cebu.

We also ate at Zubuchon ....

My Ate and Gilly liked it better than CNT.

I suppose it is just a matter of personal preference.

But which would you rather eat?

For me, CNT would always win hands down.

We also tried other food on the menu of Zubuchon....


Mongo Soup



My number 2 on "My must eat in Cebu" list is....

Pochero at Kusina UNO!

Pochero is their version of Bulalo.

I always eat it with Rufina Patis, kalamansi and chili!

I was in Bulalo heaven!

I love their broth, it was very flavorful.

My number 3 on my list....

Harbor City....

Steamed Spicy Fried Rice

Bacon - wrapped Siomai



Chicken Feet

Taro Puff

I wanted Ate and Gilly to try the Chicken Skin Chicharon of Sunburst.

We also tried their fried chicken.

Cebu is also known for their cakes and Pastries. Gilly has a sweet tooth so we always had dessert.

Leona's Cakes and Pastries, SM Cebu

Banana Cake Slice

It was very moist! I loved it plus it was not too sweet.

So were the other pastries....


Mango Cake

Chocolate Eclair

Another place to commit sin was at Dessert Factory, Ayala Terraces.

Pistachio Sans Rival

Chocolate Concord Cake

The Factory Fudge - Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream strewn with marshmallows, nuts, homemade chocolate syrup, whipped cream, maraschino cherry and homemade chocolate fudge.

I was very happy. I posted the picture in FB and my friend, Cindy, said: Even the ice cream looked happy!

We went to this place called Phoebe's Cupcakery on Maria Luisa Road.

The place was so cute!

Brownie Cup ala Mode

Chocolate Chip Cookie

My best discovery of this trip..... TYMAD Bistro!

It is also located along Maria Luisa Road across Phoebe's.

OMG! I am not even fond of desserts but I could eat all the pastries!

I would die a happy camper!

I loved their Nutella Crepe!

Generous serving of Nutella plus the crepe was paper thin and not "eggy" at all!

Their Mille-feuille.....

Crunch... Crunch... Crunch.... The puff pastry was super flaky and crunchy!

I even told my Ate that the pastry has a sound!


Ate said, Cebu is the "crunch" capital of the Philippines because almost all their food have a sound when you eat them! Especially the Lechon!

The breakfast buffet at Marriot Hotel had a lot to offer. I only got what I wanted.

First day....

Crispy bacon, chicken tocino, Cebu longanisa, danggit, beef tapa and plain rice.

Waffle, ube croissant, chicken sausage and crispy bacon.
Congee with floss and red eggs.
Baked beans.
Mango, papaya, Brie, dried fruits and cashew nuts.

Still excited to try most of the food. I was chatting with my friends the night before and told them I had to sleep already because I was preparing my body for breakfast!


Cat said, it was her first time to hear that line but it made sense.

Second day....

My tummy was already overworked! I did not eat a lot...just...

Vegetable and cheese omelette made with 1 egg.

I asked the chef to cook bacon for me with brown sugar and not to make it crispy.

Tried the pork sausages, hash brown, fried rice and Pancit.

I enjoyed the pan de sal with Nutella and peanut butter.

The food concessionaires at the Mactan Cebu International Airport .....

Zubuchon has its own dine-in stall.

I just had Potato Corner Barbecue Fries and Tsim Sha Tsui Siomai.

We only ate and slept in Cebu! We did not do any of those sight seeing trips nor shopping!

My Ate just let me ticked off each restaurant from my list.

I can honestly say..... I had a BELLY Happy Birthday in Cebu!

Thank you, Ate and Gilly!

Same time next year!



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