Friday, November 16, 2012

Vertigo Attack

I have been experiencing dizzy spells since Wednesday in Boracay. When I took my FBS yesterday morning, it was only 74.  Before I left for my trip, my sugar was high already so I was very careful with my choice of food. I did not even drink mango shake. Nothing with wheat.

I know if a diabetic is following the wheat- free diet, said person cannot exercise until the sugar has stabilized. All we did in Boracay was swim, walk and walk!  Which explained the drop in my FBS.

I thought I would have to call Bel-Air for an ambulance service when I woke up this morning because the world was spinning again. I asked Dra. Cristina what to do and she gave me instructions. I also called up Jing because she also suffers from vertigo occasionally.  But she scolded me! Hahaha! She said, she saw all the food I ate in Boracay! I should not wonder anymore why I was feeling dizzy! The number one No-No if you are suffering from vertigo is salty food.

I felt bad because I invited friends from Canada for lunch but I could not cook so I had to reschedule.  I told them, will make it up next week.  

My friends held a garage sale in my house, I could not join them, I was just a quiet spectator.  Catherine brought very delicious longanisa from Nueva Ecija, thanks to her mom-in-law, Popsie.  

Everybody loved it! I could not help myself and ate a few pieces. I even sent some to PD, she normally only eats longanisa with lots of fat but even she enjoyed the lean longanisa. Really delicious! Hermie cooked it for us with garlic rice.

I also asked Hermie to cook the Pork sinigang with fresh tamarind.

I instructed her not to make it too salty. It turned out ok.

I am feeling a bit better now that I have taken a couple doses of Serc 16 mg.  Dra. Cristina said I should rest. I hope to get well soon because I am attending a Peking Duck Birthday lunch on Monday!

The Wriggly Chronicles

I almost had a heart attack today!  Since there was a garage sale, my gate was open.

I was just sitting down facing the busy activities outside when I noticed a gray animal casually strolling on the street. I thought it was a cat, but then I saw the bushy tail.

 OH NO!!!!!! Wriggly!!!! To make matters worse, I could not stand up and run after him! Good thing, Mona was able to scoop him up and brought him inside the house. My greatest fear is that he might get run over by a car because our house is very near the exit gate of Bel-Air.

My baby probably got tired from all the activities and had a restful afternoon nap even though we were very noisy.


  1. oh no! good to know you and wriggly are ok.

  2. We know someone who lost her dog because doggy took a stroll while the gate was open. No one responded to her lost dog posters until she revised it and included cash reward. She was finally reunited with her dog after two weeks. scary!

    1. That is why I'm always very careful with W but Iwas not feeling well that day and was a bit careless.