Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wriggly.... Up Close and Personal

The Wriggly Chronicles

Wriggly is such a character! I think he is also a foodie.

I was eating my breakfast this morning, my perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg. I saw him sitting politely, just looking up at me. But then when just a little piece of egg was left, he stood up and placed his front paws on my thigh. How did he know that I was about to finish the egg????

His look was really intense. I could see the expression on his face clearly as if to say, "Aren't you going to give me some?"


  1. Haha I am so grateful to be appointed as one. Cant wait to see Wriggly's xmas tree!

    1. Me too, Happy! Do you know what Wriggly did today? He wanted to get the pack of treat you gave him but I put it on top of the bureau drawers, he went on top of the table, then went on top of the bureau!!! Bad! Bad, boy!!!