Friday, November 16, 2012

Wriggly's "new" shirt

The Wriggly Chronicles

Yaya Hermie went shopping. My neighbor (Sophie) is having a garage sale tomorrow and Hermie "bought" Wriggly several t-shirts!

Looks like he is not complaining at all!

OMG! Hermie has created a vain monster!

I let Wriggly out to take care of his business and I removed his t- shirt first. When he was done, I was calling him so we could go back to my room. Would you believe he did not want to enter my room yet and seemed like he was looking for something.

Then... It dawned on me, he wanted his shirt back on!!!

Wriggly is sooooo funny at times and acts more like a human than a canine.


  1. Oh that is sweet of Yaya Hermie to buy a shirt for Wriggly! But I dont think W likes it just to be called a fashionista, see how comfy he is sleeping with it on top of his blankies? Yaya Hermie should get W a coat too for this cold season heheh-happy

    1. Hi Happy! Yup, W was very comfy and it is always very cold in my room. My friends call it, Antartica.