Saturday, November 10, 2012

Notice anything new?

Did you notice anything new in my blog????

Hahahahaha! Let me see how astute you are.

OK... will not give you a hard time.

I changed the theme of my blog .... instead of Lia's Food Journey being just about an accounting of my passion for food ....

I also included... my adventures through life.

Hmmmmm.... what's the difference since my life is about food?!?!?!?!   But occasionally, I would like to share my non-food thoughts with you!!!  Yes! I do have them, you know?!?!?!

And..... since Wriggly is also a very important part of my life .... I will be adding...

 The Wriggly Chronicles

.... once in a while.... whenever he has silly and funny antics that everybody (I hope) loves to read about, I will share it that segment.

After two and a half years of writing almost everyday in my blog, I feel that I have grown so much already in all aspects of my life.  I have more insights to share and hopefully you will be entertained as your read about my adventures through life.


  1. Lia,count me in as the number 1 fan of the Wriggly Chronicles!

    1. Hi, Happy! I remembered you when I was thinking about The Wriggly Chronicles!