Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wheatless .... what's next?

I recently read a blogpost of Dr. Davis:  I lost the wheat, but didn't lose weight.

I thought I was the only one experiencing it.  I am already wheatless, well almost, but my weight loss have stalled at 11 lbs.

I have already proven that eliminating wheat will normalize your blood work, but I cannot proudly say that losing the wheat has been effective in weight loss.  Maybe for most, it was effective but not for some people with abnormalities in the way they process food.

Dr. Davis said I have to "lose the carbohydrates".

Jing and I have decided that starting today, November 1, we will eliminate carbohydrates.  JING!!!  Eliminate not reduce, OK????  I do not know how long I will be able to sustain it but I will do my very best.

It will be a psychological exercise.  It is not really hard to remove rice from my diet because I only eat 1/2 C. to 1 C. of rice a day ... so I feel ... it is not such a deprivation physically .... but on the psychological and emotional aspect..... it is a monumental task!!!!!

I just need to be more creative in my food choices.

I do so want to prove that the theories of Dr. Davis are absolutely correct.

I know I can do this but it will be so hard.  I just have to focus harder.

It is a good thing, before November 1, I already ate most of the carb laden foods.  One of the best tip I can give people who are about to embark on a lifestyle change is to eat all the food that will surely give them a craving when they go on a diet. Hahahaha! But do not do this forever!  Just a week before is enough.

So..... November 1 is day 1.   Crossing my fingers .... hope this works for me!!!  Just the thought it is not forever is enough to sustain me.

* Dr. Davis also said to eliminate dairy.  That is easy because even though I love milk very much, I am lactose intolerant.  One time I bought a liter of fresh milk from the grocery and that same night I had the most painful abdominal cramps.  It was as though, someone was wringing my intestines.

Cheese ... I am not a fan.  Except cheese curls!!!  And Cheese flavored potato chips.  But cheese in my food?  I do not like.

* Dr. Davis also recommends 2-3 cups of caffeinated coffee a day!  Yikes!  I have to get used to it!

* He said, to also "revel in fats and oils".  "Liberal fat intake, contrary to conventional “wisdom,” does not make you fat; it helps you get skinny. The only fats to avoid are fried (high-temperature), hydrogenated, and highly-processed polyunsaturated seed or GM oils like safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, soybean, and canola."

* Important thing to remember is to get adequate sleep.

* "Lose drugs that block weight loss".  Uh Oh ... one of the drugs that I am taking is in his list of medicines that block weight loss, Lantus.  I cannot NOT have my insulin injection.

I am about to embark on a restrictive lifestyle...... but......

Carbohydrates elimination is temporary .... just until I reach my goal.

Wheat elimination is a lifestyle change... it is forever.


  1. to help you out in eliminating carbs, try eating apple sauce. it fills you up without feeling stuffed.

    1. Hi Vicky, thanks for the tip but wont applesauce make my sugar go up?

    2. use coconut sugar. my aunt says this is healthy, she uses this for my lola who's diabetic. thats what i did to make a healthier alternative. il share my recipe: hope this helps.

  2. what's the best cooking oil to use then other than EVOO especially for deep frying?

  3. Hi, Shelly! I really do not fry food that much unless my nieces eat with me but I once watched a tv special and they said palm oil is very good.