Sunday, November 4, 2012

Over the weekend.....

I have been so busy the whole weekend so I will just lump all my posts in one entry.

Saturday is the day my family usually have lunch in my house.  I am on a diet so I did not cook anything elaborate for us.

I thought everybody would be happy with Lechon Kawali!  Especially PD with the chunks of fat!

We should always have soup for Gilly .... For a change, instead of Pancit Molo, I cooked Wanton Soup.

I wanted to put spring onions .... but NO!!! Cannot be, the kids do not like.

I blanched the vegetables for my Ate and I.

The rest of the family thinks the greens are just decoration.

The Ginataang Langka was reheated, just in case, somebody wanted to try it.

My brother-in-law is in search for a good Brazo de Mercedes.

We got half a loaf from my tenant, Cake Avenue.  We will try a different bakeshop every week.

There was fresh cantaloupe from my Kuya.

Last night, PD and I were invited by her friend and we had dinner at Bulgogi Brothers, Greenbelt 5.

Lots of freebies... and you can ask for as much as you like.

I cannot recall the Korean names of the dishes... but we got Beef and Vegetables with Sweet Sauce...

And the Spareribs....

Barbecue dipping sauce... Sweet, Salty, Spicy

My dessert was the Dark Chocolate water-based gelato at Ti Amo .... It may be dairy free but it sure was not sugar free!!!

When I woke up this morning, my FBS was 158!!!!!

I have been suffering from my asthma allergy, lately.  I should have gone to Dr. Manuel Canlas for my bi-monthly anti-allergy injection but I did not have time.  I also ran out of Ilog Maria's Bee Propolis.

Good thing, my classmate, Beth said I can buy at any ECHOSTORE branch.

I opted to go to Podium instead of Serendra because I have not been to Megamall in a while.

I think it is only psychological, but I feel that I am stronger with the Bee Propolis.  Instead of taking a multi-vitamin, which was prescribed by Dr. Manalo, I would rather  have a dose of the probiotic everyday.  I also feel it helps in lowering the blood sugar.

My plan was just to eat the JUMBO sio mai at Masuki.  I ordered 3 pcs.

On my way to Podium, I passed through St. Francis Square and what did I see????

Nathaniel's!!!!!  I love Nathaniel's!

Their original branch is at San Fernando, Pampanga.  They also have another one in QC and they are about to open at Mollito in Alabang.  Good thing I do not have to ask Mona to buy me the goodies anymore from the Alabang Branch.  I can buy it anytime in Mandaluyong.

A lot of people love their Buko Pandan dessert.

They also sell puto pao with pork or chicken filling, topped with a slice of red-egg.

Different Filipino delicacies.

After eating the Jumbo Sio Mai, I ate again .....

Nathaniel's sio mai!!!!

I tried the Buko Pandan drink.

I am already on Day 4 of being rice-less!!!  I did not have a hard time! Well ... I make sure I do not cook or eat food which I cannot eat without rice!

My dinner was just Santis' Hungarian Sausage with Cheese.... 1 pc. of boiled saba banana and an apple.

So far.... so good!  I did not have a yen to eat rice with my food.  I do not want to weigh myself yet.  I will give it about 2 weeks.  Although .... yesterday ... my shorts which used to be a bit tight, dropped to the floor when I got home!  So.... we will see how this plays out.


  1. Vargas Brazo is the best! they have in Rustans rockwell-- kiosk going to the parking

    1. Hi! Ok will try that one weekend. Thanks.