Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brined Chicken Barbecue

I learned from the cooking demo I attended a few weeks ago that brining chicken will give you a moist and tender bird.

Brining is soaking any kind of poultry in a solution of cold water, salt and sugar for an hour or two.

Ex. 20 C. water + 1/2 C. salt + 1/2 C. sugar.

After soaking the chicken in the brine solution, drain, rinse and pat dry the chicken then apply a dry rub marinade before baking, roasting or grilling.  I used my pork barbecue recipe for the chicken.

I was so surprised the chicken turned out moist, not bloody nor dry!  Amazing!

I was the one who grilled our food using my custom-made "ihawan".

Hermie would either grill it to death or the chicken would still be bloody inside and charred outside.

I bought Frank's Java Sauce at the Reyes Barbecue outlet in Glorietta.

As usual.... Nilagang Baka with  Vegetables.

It was so difficult to make the broth flavorful without using artificial seasonings or bouillon.  I just added lots of onions, peppercorn and Patis from Malabon.  I did not put salt.  I do not know what to do with the leftover meat because they only like the soup.

Mimi brought her experiment, called, Volcano Explosion!

Hahahaha! It was supposed to be a Banana Cream Pie but she said she did not know what happened to it.  Nonetheless, it tasted very good because it was not sweet at all!  I tried a little sans the graham crust.

She also brought a liter of Shahani's Gatas ng Kalabaw!

She bought it from our neighbor, Senator Shahani.  We used it for our coffee and to add to the Ginataang Mais Hermie cooked while we were having lunch.

Gilly baked very cute and delicious cupcakes!

She is only 13 years old and she baked the cupcakes from scratch and decorated it herself.  I tried the frosting, it was delish!  Too bad I could not eat the cake.

Wow!!!!  Gilly!  Our own little Masterchef!

Pd treated Mimi and I for dinner at Mogu Serendra, an Italian-Japanese Restaurant.

PD had the Karubi set.

Mimi had the Pasta Arabiata.

I ordered the Wagyu Fried Rice

and Tofu Steak.

We shared 2 pizzas between the three of us.

Shrimp (Gamberri)

and MoBaTo (Margherita), Mozzarella, Basil and Tomatoes.

I love the pizza at Mogu especially the Shrimp Pizza!!!!  The cheese was soooooooooooooooooo  stringy!!!!!

I scraped off the sauce and cheese from the crust.  I had a total of five slices!!!!

I could easily polish off a whole pizza sans the crust by myself.

Here is Mimi taking a picture of the pizza.

Whew!!!!  YUM! Delicious all day and night long!!!!