Saturday, March 31, 2018

Liasfoodjourney Is 8 Years Old Today

8 Years!!!!???!  Wow!  I have been writing about food for 8 years already!

Thank you to all my readers.  Everytime I would experiement with a recipe, I have all of you in mind.  I make sure that it is simple and easy so that even the people who do not know how to cook very well can follow my instructions and be able to say: I cooked this dish and it was a success!

That has been my goal from the very start.... to share my recipes with friends.

I know I have not been posting lately... because I am more active in Instagram and I am lazy??!!

More often than not I do not have new recipes to share.  The food that I have been eating and cooking are the same over and over.

I stopped counting but I think I shared over 400 recipes already!!!

What's next?!?!?! A printed cookbook!

When?!?!?!  It's an "on-going" project! Hehehehe

Plus.... I have been busy traveling almost all year long!  When I am about to go on a trip, a lot of time is spent researching on where to eat.

April 2017 KL Trip with Pinky

May 2017 Cebu with Mariger

June 2017

Tokyo with my family

Seoul with friends

July 2017 Bangkok Food Journey

August 2017 My birthday in Cebu

September 2017 Junkies in Hong Kong

October 2017 Autumn in Seoul

December 2017

Boracay with Lisa

Bangkok with Lisa's family

Bangkok with Tricia, Ryan and Tita J

January 2018 Business trip to Legazpi

February 2018 Boracay with my Grade School classmates

I promised myself not to travel a lot this 2018.  Hahaha! Crossing my fingers!

My very 1st blog post was about the food I cooked for my nephew.  His birthday is March 31, same birthday as my blog!

Happy birthday Liasfoodjourney!

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