Sunday, March 11, 2018

Steamed Bangus And Fried Chicken Ala Max's

Hermie was very excited to let us try the Steamed Bangus she cooked for lunch.  She even asked if I took a photo already and if I got a nice angle of the bangus.

So I am sharing with you her experiment.  It was very good and healthy! Perfect for the Lenten season.

Steamed Bangus

1 big boneless, with no scales, daing na bangus


2 pcs. ripe tomatoes, chopped
1 onion, chopped
2 T. patis
black pepper

Mix all the ingredients for the filling then put on top of the fish.

Fold the fish in half lenghtwise. 

Wrap with  cling wrap, then with foil.

Steam for 30 minutes.

Save liquid that you will see when you open the cling wrap for sauce.

That was really good!

We ate it with boiled okra and grilled eggplant.  Of course, with my sweet bagoong.

I also cooked...

Fried Chicken ala Max's.

Cut the Magnolia spring chicken in half.  Rub 1 T. rock salt all over.  Rinse then drain.

Steam for 20 minutes.

Drain and let it dry for at least 3 hours.

At this point you can wrap in cling wrap and freeze or you can fry the chicken.

Brush with patis and black pepper before frying.

Deep fry the (frozen) chicken halves.

It almost tastes like Max's.  Maybe even better! Hehehehe

My Ate and I ate Susie's Taba ng talangka! 

I only cooked half the contents of the bottle.  I sauteed the aligue in garlic and put lots of calamnsi!

Fast forward a couple of hours... I got dizzy and nauseous! I took my bp it was 142/72! And pulse rate of 118.

I flushed it out with water, took a cold shower, switched on the ac and fan.  I felt so much better after drinking 1 liter of water.

I just realized that I am getting older already.  When I was younger I could eat aligue with lechon and not get dizzy at all!!!

So, I will just keep the remaining taba ng talangka in the fridge until I am feeling so much better.

Hmmmm.... maybe my recent sisig obsession did not help.  I ate Monterey Sisig last Friday.

Then yesterday....

Sisig at Razon's for late lunch.

Sisig at Manam's for dinner.

I will eat healthier food options starting tonight.

Sandwich with lots of vegetables and I used wheat bread.

Ummm.... that's the healthy photo.

This is reality.... Clubhouse Sandwich!

But seriously.... soon... soon... I am changing... again... for the Nth time my eating lifestyle!

I do not want to announce when.  Will just do it.

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