Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Boracay With The "Babes"

I was just telling Tita Butchie a couple of weeks ago that I do not plan to travel to Boracay this year.  It was going to be a hiatus for me.

Fast forward a few hours later, Rainbow sends me a message asking if I was free on February 25 to March 3.  I said I will have a house guest up to the 28th. I asked her what was I going to miss.


She booked several rooms in Boracay for the regatta because their sailboat Misty was going to join the competition but sponsors pulled out because of the "crisis" in the island and the regatta was held in Subic, instead.

I immediately asked Pinky if she wanted to go! Yes! So I told Rainbow that if we could leave on the 28th, we will be able to join her, Sarita and Clara!

Never say never!

We took the evening flight to Caticlan from Terminal 4.  Yehey!  What is in Terminal 4????

Vin Vin Siopao!!!!!

My favorite!!!

All time favorite!!!

It only took 2 and a half hours from Manila to Boracay Island.

The hotel that Rainbow booked was Lugar Bonito. A very cute boutique hotel along the main road across Obama Grill.

It was Sia's 2nd trip to the island while it was my 23rd!

Pinky and I had a quick snack at Willy's.  We had Mango shake and...... guess what is my obsession at the moment?!?!?!

Pancit Bihon!!!!

Only because I do not know how to cook bihon unless it is Bihon con Lechon.

Afterwards, we joined our friends at Charlie's Bar for music and drinks (non alcoholic for me). I met Rainbow's friend, Butch.

Clara joined the band for a song number.

I was so surprised by the view on the roofdeck the next day! Clear skies and beautiful vista of the ocean.

My breakfast was Tocino, egg and rice.

Pinky had the Bangus meal.

We met up with the ladies at Maya's for my morning Mango Shake.

Rainbow bought chocolates from the deli!!!  Hahahahaha I cannot spell out the name so I just typed, deli.

I call this my Happy Hour!

Our late lunch was at Two Seasons Resort.

They had my favorite Shrimp with Brie Pizza.  I wonder why the Brie was just on top and not baked with the pizza?

We also ordered 4 Cheese pizza.

I loved the Oyster Sisig!!!!!  I ate it with rice.

A trip to Boracay is not complete without eating hotdog and BBQ from my favorite vendor.  I bought 6 sticks of BBQ and 1 Jumbo hotdog which I brought back with me to the hotel.

The cart is located at the beach near Willy's Rock.

Papaya Shake from Jonah's.

I also bought Shawarma (another obsession of mine) from Leyla's.

I ate all of it in the hotel.  The rest of the ladies were still full from our late lunch.

My breakfast the next day was Pork Sinigang!

And then it was time to swim! Swim! And Swim!

I went to the market in the afternoon to buy longanisa, batwan for kansi and sili for Bicol Express.

I ate at my favorite paluto restaurant, Aquafresh.  They are now located in Emall.

Shrimp in Mango Sauce.

I will attempt to cook this and share the recipe if successful.

The reason why I can never replicate the dampa taste is because I usually use butter or Daricreme.  I should use Spring yellow margarine which you can buy per kilo in the market!

I bought pan de sal from the bakery.

Vanilla Custard soft serve ice cream with salted chocolate covered potato chips at Supermagic Burger and Ice Cream.

The group had drinks and food at Kasbah, a Morrocan restaurant near Discovery Shores.

Pinky, Sarita and I had Batchoy at JT's Grille near our hotel.

We called it an early night because we were tired from all the swimming we did.

On our last day, I went again to another market to buy the small longanisa.  It was out of stock in the D Talipapa Bukid.

I was reading in Tripadvisor that there is a small eatery which serves good food especially the.....

Wait for it.....


Jaspers is a small eatery along the main road near Crafts grocery.

There were so many people eating and while I was waiting for the pancit which they said will take 20 minutes, I was so envious of everybody! They looked like they were enjoying their food.

Turo turo style

I could not help myself and ordered Pork Sinigang with rice. It had 3 ice cube sized pork and lots of vegetables.

It only cost 65 pesos!

Then my pancit arrived.  The serving was huge! I did not finish it and brought it back to the hotel.

Last day in Boracay!

We did not waste time!

We went swimming again this time with Mikey and Candy, Rainbow's friends.

I always feel bad when I am about to leave the water wishing I could stay another day.

Pinky and I tried to rebook our flight but since we already did web check in, we could not anymore.

Last meal in Boracay was at Supermagic Burger and Ice Cream, Station X.

Pinky had the Poke meal with assorted yakitori.

Leaving Boracay feels like it is always sunset.  First it is such a huge ball of fire...

But as the minutes tick by... it would get smaller and smaller....

And then.... gone... no more...already swallowed by the horizon.

Thank you so much ladies for the fun times in Boracay!

Rainbow.... thank you very much for inviting us to be with you.

I hope you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours!

Until the next time!

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