Saturday, May 17, 2014

Brown Adobo

My sister in law asked me to cook adobo the other day. She does not like my soyless version so I made brown Adobo for her.

I ate 1 piece and I really liked it a lot! I made my own.

Brown Adobo

2 K. Chicken thighs

1 C. Vinegar

2 t. Rock salt

2. T soy sauce

2 T. Knorr seasoning

2 heads garlic, crushed

1 t. Whole black peppercorn

2 C. Water

Boil the meat on low heat for 45 minutes in vinegar, garlic, salt, soya sauce, Knorr seasoning, whole peppercorn and water.

Drain, separate the garlic from the meat and discard the peppercorn. Set aside the cooking liquid.

1/4 C. Cooking oil

Fry the chicken in oil. Set aside.

1 head garlic, crushed

1 T. Soysauce

1 T. Knorr seasoning

2 T. Sugar

In the same pan and cooking oil, sauté the freshly crushed garlic and garlic from the cooking liquid until brown.

Add the cooking liquid and adjust the seasoning.

Add Soysauce, Knorr seasoning and White sugar.

Reduce the sauce until slightly thick.

Pour over the fried chicken.

I invited the Junkies to eat the adobo with me!

It has been so hot lately. We ate at my newly renovated studio apartment with an air conditioning unit. Since it is not yet being leased, we took advantage.

Tricia brought Bicol express from Bicol and Leyte!

She also brought Pate from Cicou and crackers.

I assembled a native Ensalada.

Cat was in charge of the drinks and ice,

Shey brought fruits.

I am very happy that my neighbors enjoy the same food that I like.

We still have a lot on our To Eat and To Cook lists. Soon, Junkie Friends!




  1. Hi lia!;) i am a long time reader/fan of your blog. Just wanted to clarify that i'm supposed to boil the chicken in the first set of ingredients written before frying? My family loves adobo and i want to get your recipe right. It looks and sounds yummy!;) thanks

    1. Yes, Mrs. Sushi! Thanks for clarifying. I will edit my post.

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