Thursday, May 1, 2014

Khao Kluk Kapi (Thai Bagoong Fried Rice)

Sherman, Jing and Mariger had lunch at my house today.

Sherman is The Batcave's "grill man".

I loved the Liempo he grilled for us!

I just cooked my version of Bagoong Fried Rice

Khao Kluk Kapi

4 C. Cooked Thai Jasmine rice, preferably day old rice

1/4 C. Cooking oil

1 head garlic, chopped

2 T. Thai Shrimp paste

2 T. Pantai Oyster sauce

2 T. Brown Sugar

Shredded green mangoes

250 g. CDO Funtastyx Young Tocino, fried then chopped

2 egg omelette, cut into strips

1/4 C. Dried shrimps, fried

1 cucumber, peeled and sliced

Shallots or red onions, sliced

Garnish with wansuy and sliced red chili pepper. (Optional)

Sauté the garlic in oil until fragrant.

Add the shrimp paste and oyster sauce.

Tip in the rice and add brown sugar.

Continue tossing the rice grains until uniform in color.

Place the rice on the center of the serving platter and arrange the rest of the ingredients around it.



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