Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Samgyeopsal is a Korean Grilled Pork Belly dish with several accompaniments.

Ever since Cat brought me to Joe's Snack Grill in the Burgos area, I have been craving for it.

Plus Tricia said I should not eat carbs anymore at night. So this was really perfect.


Pork Belly strips

Lettuce, sliced garlic, jalapeño pepper, sesame oil with salt and pepper

Ssamjang - it's fermented soybean which tastes like hoisin sauce

Shin Gochujang - chili sauce


Grill the pork belly with the sliced garlic and jalapeño pepper.

How to eat:

Get a piece of lettuce, smear it with the Ssamjang.

Cut the grilled pork belly into smaller pieces then dip in the sesame oil with salt. Then, top with kimchi and other accompaniments.

Add the Shin Gochujang.

Fold the lettuce leaf until it resembles a parcel.

Ideally, you should pop the whole thing in your mouth but I could not do it or else I will choked to death.

I really enjoyed my healthy dinner!