Thursday, December 11, 2014

My ASB Family

My ASB Family had dinner in my house tonight.

Ms. Ann, Maya and Be. Too bad Matess could not make it.

Whenever I tell my friends and family that I am going to be with my former co-workers, they always ask me, "What officemates?!?!?".

Be brought our pica-pica.....

Chicharon and Roasted Cashews!

She also ordered Heaven's BBQ.

I cooked Bagoong Fried Rice

And made Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

Maya ordered Butter Garlic Shrimps from me.

She also brought Pistachio Lime cake from Purple Oven.

Ms. Ann brought meringue from Tito Chef.

It was a long night. We took our time and savored our food.

I was able to enjoy more because I did not eat rice.

Although the spring rolls is made from rice paper, I only had a piece.

We have to have a get together more often! At least every quarter! Hope to see everybody soon!

Merry Christmas to my ASB Family!

The Wriggly Chronicles

Wriggly's Tree is up!

Thanks to Yaya Hermie who is in charge of the Christmas decorations in my house.





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  2. Hi ms Lia, how do you make your green mango julienne slice evenly? u use something to make even slices? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Cristin. I have a mango shredder from Bangkok. Maybe you can use the one for making melon juice?