Monday, December 29, 2014

Tita Jit at The Batcave

Welcome to The Batcave, Tita Jit!

Tita Jit is from Bangkok but is on vacation here in Manila. She is Jing's Tita.

We woke up very early to buy seafood in Farmer's Market.

Tita Jit bought crabs and she asked me to cook Chili Crabs.

Jumping Live Suahe!

She made Thai Chicken soup with galangal, kafir lime leaves and wansuy from Bangkok.

She also brought a Thai meat dip and we used baby gherkins which we sliced thinly as a base for the appetizer.

I let her try my Sisig.

The oxtail of the Kare Kare came all the way from Bangkok.

Jing and Sherman grilled their special Liempo.

Mariger brought ice cream!

Tricia and Mona brought stuff for Tita Jit to bring home to Bangkok!

Tita Jit also brought durian chips, fresh tamarind and mangoes!

So much food! So little space in the stomach!!!

Wish I could eat and eat and eat!

But alas.... There is a limit to how much one can eat.

Thank you, Tita Jit for our Holiday lunch!

Next time, we will cook and eat again!



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