Saturday, December 27, 2014

An Evening with FGM

I had a dinner "date" with FGM Cindy!

We went to Century mall because we wanted to try the Pho at Hole in the Wall. But it was closed! No delivery of supplies so we ended up eating at Mann Hann.

We had Hototai Soup

Beef Hofan

And Oyster Cake.

I loved the oyster cake! It was moist and the edges crunchy! I want to go back and eat it again!

We saw someone eating ice cream and asked the guy where he got it.

Family Mart!

I asked the guard to do the honors of dispensing the soft serve ice cream for me.


I thought I could not finish it! I ate it all except the cone.

"I'm on a diet!" Hahahahahaha

Our midnight snack was at Aristrocat on Jupiter Street!

We should do this more often!

It was a night of stories and more stories!

My voice was so hoarse when I got home but never mind....

It was a fun evening!

Until the next time, FGM! Thanks!!!



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