Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kuya's Birthday Breakfast at IHOP

Today is my Kuya's birthday!

It is also the birthday of PD and my Mom!

Kuya woke me up very early to invite me and PD for breakfast at IHOP.

My nephew, Renzo, studying the menu. Lots of kiddie meals to choose from.

He eventually got the pancakes with eggs and sausage.

Renzo also ordered Hot Chocolate.

Sophie chose the Ham and Cheese Omelette

And Hash Brown.

I ordered the sausages and eggs.

PD's breakfast was the Blueberry pancakes with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages.

The birthday boy had plain pancakes and a carafe of coffee.

Renzo is a lucky boy, his Ate takes care of him.

I am also a lucky sister!

In his own way, my Kuya also takes care of me!

Thanks, Kuya! Happy Birthday!



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