Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's "Date"

"Jing, can I ask you out on a date?" She said sure! Hehehehe and then she told her husband someone asked her out on a date.

Ever since Tita Des told me about the Crabs with Tausi at Seaside Market, I could not get it out of my head so I thought of an "excuse" to celebrate! Valentine's Day is coming soon! We were planning to go on the 14th but my Ate said it is going to be traffic all over the city. Instead, we went to seaside yesterday with Mona. The more the merrier!

We bought our crabs at Medy's. We looked for Susan and told her Tita Des recommended her stall to us. The restaurant which cooked our crabs was GSquared upstairs.

The crabs with Tausi was really soooooo good! Finger licking' good!

We ate for almost 2 hours because it takes me forever to eat crabs. The meat of the crab was so firm! It was like the the meat of the guyabano fruit. My favorite kind of crab now is the male variety. I do not like the female anymore.

We also ate Shrimp Tempura.

I am going to make my own sauce next time.

The three of us are still dreaming about the crabs until now! So.... This is what I did....

I talked to Corry and said, "Corry, you have to try the crabs with Tausi! But I do not think you would want to eat there. Ask me anytime to buy for you!"

Of course, Corry said yes! Yay! We have another seafood lunch on Monday! I will order the crabs for Corry, Jing and I will buy suahe and cook it in my house. Mayette said she will bring Adobong pusit if she can attend and Mona is in charge of the drinks.

I am just counting the days till Monday!


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