Friday, February 8, 2013

An Afternoon at Farmer's Market

I spent the afternoon at Farmer's Market today. I was just supposed to buy the Heavenly Beef Tapa for my Ate, for Ate Gina of Celina, for Jing and of course, for myself! I have to let Mona try it!

But I could not resist the temptations! I love Farmer's because it is the only market I know that is open all day! I am notoriously known at the Bel-Air Market for shopping very late, so sometimes all the vendors are surprised when I am there early.

The best time to go is at 1 p.m. because it is when all the fresh seafood are delivered.

I could not resist the Baby Pusit! I suddenly missed my Mom because this was one of her favorites.

I cooked it as soon as I got home. The "pusit" is as small as the nail on my thumb! I am saving it for Saturday because my Ate likes it.

I also bought mussels for my Dampa experiment.

My last attempt...... With Mornay Sauce and toasted garlic.

This was the result....

I think I will just stick to my original Baked Tahong recipe.

I asked Hermie to cook Fresh Corn Soup with Mussels and Chili Leaves.

I still cannot cook good Pork Chop Steak. I tried using the pressure cooker this time.

The meat and fat were tender! I still want Mariger to cook her version.

Of course..... I had to put "gasoline". I had my merienda at Taco Bell.

Taco Supreme with Sour Cream, Nachos Sprinkles and Mini Burrito. I only ate the filling and tried a little of the tortilla but it was too flour-y for me.

The rest of my loot:


2 whole chicken

Catfish for my catfish salad


and French Beans for Tita Cena.

Whew! So now.... My palms have some small blisters from carrying my loot but I do not mind. I love shopping at Farmer's. I wish I could go everyday.


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