Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Quick Trip To Farmer's Market

I was in dire need of Preserved Mustard so I can perfect my cua pao. I called Beth, my hard-to-find ingredients vendor in Farmer's. I reserved one kilo yesterday and picked it up today.

Yay! I hope this time I could get the taste I am looking for.

For all my Asian ingredients like kaffir lime leaves, fresh curry leaves, galangal, Ling Nam Molo wrappers and more, I always get it at Beth and Lolita stall, Farmer's Market.

My favorite meat vendor in Farmer's is Gil.

Tita Des Tantoco recommended him to me. I get my delicious beef tapa from his stall, Teresa's.

I love going to the Market! If I could go everyday, I would.



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