Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Went Wrong?????

Do you think I cooked Chicken Pastel??????


I made Potato Salad! But what went wrong? My Potato Salad has always been runny ever since I can remember. Not like the the Potato Salad of PD! The mayo coated each ingredient. The mayo clung to the vegetables.

I used the same ingredients! I even followed the same procedure. I thought if I do not add sugar it will not be watery. I used condensed milk instead.

I was whining to Jing and Mona and they said they will also make Potato Salad just to prove that it should not be runny.

Hmph! I am never going to make Potato Salad. Jing said, it is my Achilles Heel.

I will just have to wait for PD to make again this Christmas.

The reason why I made Potato Salad was because I wanted to pair it with Poco Deli's Cheese Sausage from Cindy.

Next time, I will just buy from Pancake house.



  1. Hi Lia! Did you put mayo here or was it all condense milk? Did you drain the potatoes? If you add mayo, try adding a bit first with the rest of the ingredients and mix everything.

    1. Vicky! The potato salad is swimming in mayo! I only added a tablespoon or 2 of condensed milk. It was runny even before I added the potatoes, carrots and beans.

    2. i don't think condense milk is a good idea. try putting mustard instead.

    3. Hi Vicky! I think I will just wait for Christmas for the Potato Salad of PD.