Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beef Tapa Heaven

I was in Tapa Heaven this morning!
I declare it the BEST Beef Tapa I have ever eaten. I do not have words to describe it.... All I can say is:
"SARAP!!!!!!" With a thousand exclamation marks! Am I exaggerating? I do not know. But it is now my favorite.
Tita Des, Mom of Lisa, said, she buys her tapa and longanisa at Teresa's in Farmer's Market, Cubao all the time.
I just bought one kilo to try, half of it, I gave to Kuya but the other half..... With all the fat was mine!
I added half a cup of water to the tapa, cut the fat into small pieces and let it fry in its own fat!
Ohhhh the fat! How do I describe thee?
It was like butter ....but... did not melt in my mouth .... instead... it crumbled as you bite into each piece.
PD also was in Beef Tapa heaven because I gave her most of the fat!
I even fried the egg in the tapa fat rendered from the beef.
I re-fried the garlic rice in the pan I used to cook the tapa.
I also tried the Hamonado Longanisa. I cooked it halfway through..... Kept in the fridge....

Then grilled on my stove top griller!
I want to have a breakfast party! Problem is..... I cannot wake up early enough to serve breakfast.


  1. this looks so deadly...i love it!!!!!! I'm a recent visitor and i love our blog!!!


    1. Hello j! Thank you for visiting my blog. Ohhh you should try the tapa, really good!

  2. hi lia! may i ask where teresa's stall is? near what? not familiar inside farmer's market(only the fruit stalls outside) & i love to try this tapa. thanks a lot!

    1. Hi! Go to the wet market area. Teresa's us across the seafood area along the main pasilio. Gil is the butcher, tell him I recommended his tapa to you. I just had tapa for breakfast! But i overcooked it, my mistake.