Monday, February 4, 2013

"Copra" Baked Mussels

WAAHHHHH!!!!! Yaya Hermie said the Baked Mussels tasted like "COPRA"!!!!!

Maybe the garlic was too toasted :((

And my cheese did not melt! It is supposed to melt and become gooey. I wanted to buy Eden Melt Sarap but it was out of stock in Metro Supermarket I had to use my Che-Vital Quickmelt, which is not a melting cheese anymore in my opinion.

BUT...... I will not give up. There is always tomorrow.

This is my goal for the week.

I will not stop until I get it right. I wonder if the cheese was added to the white sauce?

And to think I was doing a happy dance in front of the oven while the mussels were baking.


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