Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tri-Colored Bicol Express

FBS: 103

Imagine, I finished almost a whole pack of Cheetos Jalapeno yesterday for breakfast and ate a lot of dim sum and yet my FBS this morning was only 103! Wonderful!!!  Of course, I will not lose weight that way but still ..... you have to give Wheat Belly props for not making my sugar high.

I have been thinking of cooking Bicol Express for several days and finally this morning ..... I was able to do so.

I asked Hermie to buy me 3 colors of Chili Pepper in Guadalupe Market.

The last time Hermie cooked Ginataang Langka, it was bland so I used 3 T. of alamang instead of 2.  It was a litte bit saltier than usual but just the same I enjoyed my lunch.

I removed the seeds of the chili peppers so it was not that spicy.

It was perfect.

I finished cooking at 11 but our rice was not yet "in-in"!!!  I had to eat already because I was dying of hunger!  Hahahaha!

I went to my Kuya's house and asked for half a plateful of rice!  Not half cup but half a plate!

HMmmmmmm ...... now I feel like a Budhha figurine.... Hahahaha... all I need to do is rub my tummy to show how much I loved my Bicol Express.

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