Wednesday, October 17, 2012

8-Part Chicken

I learned from Michele D'Orival yesterday how to cut a whole chicken into 8 parts.  I asked the butcher in Rustan's to do it for me.

I cooked Mayette's Adobo earlier and I realized, it actually made sense!

Instead of having tiny unequal pieces of chicken, all the parts were edible and the size was just perfect.

I asked Hermie to cook the Ginataang Langka again, the one that Wriggly ate and did not leave anything for Mona.

BUT..... I was a little disappointed! It was not as good as the stolen one!!!  That one was almost lavender in color because she put a lot of alamang! This one was just ok but a little too bland for me.  She said, she did not want to make it salty! GRRRRRRR  One of the reasons why I always measure my ingredients is because I do not want it to be a "hit and miss".  Next time, I will just cook it myself.

Ohhhhhh and I am so proud to share the picture of my hard-boiled eggs!!!!  I ate them for breakfast.

Can you see the yolks are yellow in color and not greenish?????

Lisa and Bibo taught me how to boil eggs.

Cover the eggs with water in a pot.  When it starts to boil rapidly, lower the heat and cook for exactly 11 minutes.  Drain, rinse and peel.

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