Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Longganisa Obsession

Ever since Lisa showed me the longganisa she was about to eat the other night, I started having this longganisa obsession.  I am not really a fan, especially the sweet Hamonado variant but I had this unexplainable need to buy  in the supermarket.

I remember, when I was in college, Tita Bebet, the mom of Jing, would order from her office the sweet/garlicky longganisa.  It was so good! Up to now I cannot forget the taste.

So, back to my craving du jour....

I bought a pack of JDC Longganisa  Hamonado.

I added 1 cup water to the links in the pan.

When it started to boil, I lowered the heat and ......

ok .... Hermie continued from this point.  We waited until the liquid evaporated, pricked the links with the tip of the knife to let the oil ooze out and let it fry in its own fat.


Perfectly cooked longganisa!  I am very impatient, if I cooked it myself, I would have increased the heat and the casing would probably have burst and the sausages will be black in color.

I dipped it in the sukang tuba from Romblon and ate it with the Ubod Atchara from Mon.

I wonder where else can I buy longganisa and what are the good brands out there?


  1. Did you like your longganisa? Di ba matamis coz its hamonado? I like mine garlicky. There is a resto in Pioneer serving all types of longganisa. Next time i will bring you to marikina where i buy bacon, dami longganisa, even from Jollibee

    1. I always eat garlicky longganisa that's why i dont know any sweet kind. Nainggit lang ako dun sa pinakita ni Lisa sige check out natin yung sa Marikina.