Saturday, October 27, 2012


What a mouthful!!!  I saw my neighbor, Cindy, at mass today in Ateneo, Rockwell.  I asked her for a good kind of sausage in Santis.  It was a foreign sounding name.  So, when I got to the deli I asked for a sausage which starts with the letter "N".

They gave me, Nuernberger.  It is flavored with Marjoram.

I saw Cindy again in Powerplant and showed her what I bought, I made a mistake! She said, she always buys "Lughanighe".

Ok.... next time!  Wow! Lughanighe has Parmesan cheese and anise! I have to try this soon!!!!

Hahahaha! To me all foreign sounding food are all the same!

I discovered I like fresh sausages as opposed to cooked or smoked ones.

I put the links in a pan with 1/4 cup of water.

It took me 30 minutes to steam/boil them over low heat.  I did not want to increase the heat because the casing might burst.  Then when there was a little amount of liquid left, I added olive oil to pan-fry the sausages.

They turned into a nice golden color.

I ate it with the potato salad I made.

Why was my salad so "watery"??????

I asked Tita Josie how she made hers and I followed it to a T.  But ... I added a teaspoon of sugar.  :(

I do not know how to make good potato salad.  When my Ate or PD makes the salad, the mayo would coat the potatoes and the rest of the ingredients.  My dressing dripped from the serving spoon.  It is something I have yet to perfect.

Tita Remy, another neighbor of mine, ordered Kare-Kare today.  I added more tripe so I did not have to cook my lunch anymore.

It is so immodest of me to say, "It was soooooo good!"  Hahahahaha!  But it IS true!

I have a few orders of Fried/Frozen Lumpiang Ubod tomorrow and on Tuesday.  After cooking the Kare-Kare, I went to Farmer's to buy ingredients for my orders.

The last time we had a Crab Party,  I was not satisfied because I wanted more!  I bought a couple of crabs today!!!

I had a crab party for 1!  Hehehehehe! I am always having a party by myself.  Do not feel bad for me!  I enjoy my own company so much.


I was very hungry after mass and I knew I was not going to make it before dinner, so I bought a small pack of Jalapeno Poppers in Rustan's.

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