Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bibo!

Bibo celebrated her birthday today.  We "gate-crashed" her party with her family and staff!  Sarita calls it" SURPRISE"!  It was such a fun evening filled with laughter and food! Bibo is the Chef/Owner of Chef's Galley Cafe but she said, she did not want to cook on her birthday.

So, her family and staff prepared the food for the evening.

Very delicious and fresh  Sashimi.



Prawns with Butter Sauce

Lechon Manok


I brought Fried Lumpiang Ubod for Bibo.


I was not able to take a picture of Gay's Chicken Barbecue from Conti's.

Lots of cakes and Buko Pandan Salad from Nathaniel's.

Bibo and her family are dog lovers! They actually have 13 dogs!   Every morning, after she cooks the food of her family, she then cooks the food of her four-legged family members.

The youngest "child" is Hercules.

The second to the youngest "child" is Apollo!

Such cute, cute Beagles! 

But her favorite companion/buddy is Hector, a beautiful Black Labrador.

Happy Birthday, Bibo!  

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