Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lolo Dad's

Tita Portia and I were invited by Tita Butchie (my mom's good friend) today for lunch at Lolo Dad's in Quirino Ave, Manila.  "Lolo Dad" was her husband and her children named the restaurant after their deceased Dad.  The chef of the restaurant is Ariel Manuel, a multi awarded chef - son in law of Tita Butchie.

The soup I had was called Double Espresso .... served in espresso cups...  Fresh Tomato Soup and Fresh Mushroom soup with bread sticks so light and flaky.

The salad was Smoked Salmon, Sweet Baby Blends  and Seared Tuna on top of  Grilled Watermelon.

I was so enchanted when the Raspberry Sorbet was served!  Smoke was coming out of the little tea pot!!!!

My entree was Sea bass and the thin little noodle-like stuff on top????  Guess what they were??? Baby Eels!!!!

Tita Portia also had the Double Espresso Soup...

Rock Lobster Salad

and ... Lamb with Blue Cheese Risotto.

We were offered dessert but I had to decline because I was full already and just had green tea instead.

It was my first time to eat at Lolo Dad's and it was such a delight for me to watch the chefs in action because you could see them preparing the food and the creative way of plating.  It was like watching a Food Network show while having lunch.

Thank you Tita Butchie for the delicious dining experience!

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