Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Menage a Trois

Brains out of the gutter!  I was surfing this afternoon for a fish recipe.  I want to be able to try different ways of cooking fish without deep frying, steaming or grilling.  Since I am still in my "French" mode, I stumbled upon a recipe called Trout Menage a Trois

I was not able to buy Trout,  I don't even know the local equivalent of trout but the recipe says, any walleye fish will do.  Talakitok is the Filipino walleye.  I bought a small one in Rustans today.

Menage a Trois because it is a trio of ingredients such as celery,  garlic and pistachio.

Poisson (fish) Menage a Trois

1 pc. Talakitok or fish fillet
salt and pepper
2 T. flour
2T. Extra Virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic, sliced thinly
2 ribs celery, sliced diagonally
2 T. pistachio
parsley, snipped

Season fish with salt and pepper.  Dredge with flour and pan fry in extra virgin olive oil.  Transfer onto a plate.

On another skillet, pour the remaining oil without the flour residue and saute the garlic, celery and pistachio until garlic is golden in color.  Add the parsley.  Arrange on top of the fish.

I just realized, when I pan fry the fish dredged in flour as opposed to deep frying, the result is much better because the fish is moist and tender.

I'm trying to practice a healthier lifestyle.  I started exercising again after being sidelined for 2 weeks due to allergies.  I have been taking triple doses of antihistamine per day, so walking was like walking in water.  But tonight, I just walked going to church instead of driving my car plus added a few more kilometers, total is 5.2 km!  I'm taking advantage of the wonderful cool weather.

I also made salad for dinner.  I loved the Butter Toffee Pecans!  My salad was delicious, my favorite... with pears, grapes, blue cheese, butter toffee pecan and the dressing made from Cava wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and honey.

Butter Toffee Pecan

1 T. butter
2 T. LIGHT brown sugar
2 T. pecans

Melt butter in a skillet, add the brown sugar.  When it caramelizes, add the pecans.  Transfer  to an oiled plate and let cool.

Still part of the healthy lifestyle, I bought cereals with the least amount of sugar per serving, 2 grams, from Healthy Options last night and ate it with 1/2 C. low fat milk.

My favorite brand of milk is Hacienda Macalauan.

But I discovered non fat milk only has 80 calories per serving whereas  low fat has 110 calories.  So, I got a bottle of non fat from Rustans.  I think, the only supermarket which sells that brand.

So my goals... my short term goals ... I never make long term goals... are to exercise regularly to atone for my food sins .... and to eat healthy food that actually tastes good and not like cardboard!!!!


  1. Fish and pistachios... What an awesome combo. Great contrasting textures.

  2. Hi! Thanks for visitng my blog! I learned the fish and pistachio combo from one of the recipes I researched online!