Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nothing beats home cooking.

I woke up this morning by the wonderful aroma of someone cooking in my house.  I went to the helper's kitchen and asked what was that delicious smell.  Take note... my synapses weren't firing yet so I had to ask.  They were cooking adobo!

All morning, I was waiting for Rustan's to open so I can buy chicken.   I just got 2 pieces of leg quarters and asked the butcher to cut each piece into 4.  I opened my blog to look at the recipe of Mayette's Adobo.    I always have to have the right measurements of ingredients and proper timing.

Then I asked Hermie to saute the Sitaw in onion and garlic with Magic Sarap.  My lunch was really so simple but delicious!  I think I must have eaten more than a cup of rice!!!!

Yesterday, Mona and I were inviting by Jing to eat lunch at their house.  Actually, we were just cashing in our "rain check".  A few weeks ago, she also invited us, we said yes.  Then she said: BTW my whole family is down with the flu!  ARRRGGHHHHHHHH  I immediately said, Jing! I can't go!  Can I take a rain check, instead?

I can't be in the same room with sick people... I can't even talk to sick people on the phone because I have a tendency to be "jealous"  hahahaha or empathize... then will start sneezing and coughing after the phone call.

I enjoyed myself yesterday.  Jing cooked fried rice... more or less tasted like Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice), so yum and buttery!!!

Sherman grilled the liempo and tilapia.

Janet made "Hot" Bicol Express.... Had to drink ice cold water for every spoonful ... she used siling labuyo instead of Jalapeno because she said it was not as hot as the jalapeno in Bicol! 

Thanks Jing and Sherman for the lunch! Next time again, ok?

 I always dine out especially when I have a craving or too lazy  but sometimes, nothing beats home cooking!

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