Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Pears, Black Grapes and Blue Cheese Salad

My favorite kind of pears is the Red Pear. It is not crunchy but a bit soft and sweet... it is perfect for poached pears if I'm inclined to make.  I bought black grapes in Rustan's tonight for my salad.  I added crumbled blue cheese and used the left over Honey Calamansi dressing I made the other day.

As I was browsing through the recipe books in Fullybooked, I saw a simple fish recipe.  They used trout, I have yet to research what Trout is in Filipino.  I went down to Rustan's supermarket to buy fish for dinner.  I am inspired because I already lost 5 lbs.since I started exercising again and I have been eating 1 C. cereals with 1/2 C. skimmed milk for breakfast.

I saw the Tilapia was so fresh!  I could tell if a fish is fresh.  The fins are still upright and the fish is a little bit slimy.It was a farily good sized fish at 400 grams.  I asked the "Manang" in the supermarket to clean the inside and remove the scales.

Pan-Grilled Fish

1 pc. fish
1 t. rock salt
2 T. Extra virgin olive oil
1 T. calamansi or lemon juice

Season the fish with salt and let it stand for 15 minutes.

Heat the fish frying pan or griddle.  When smoking hot, add the oil... then the fish.  On medium heat, pan-grill the fish, around 8 minutes of each side, more or less.  Transfer onto a serving dish.  Pour the calamansi or lemon juice over the fish.

Nothing beats fresh fish! It is moist and really delicious.  I wish I could have access all the time.

I recently read an article online about how wonderful the ACAI ( ah - sigh - ee ) berry is with regards to weight loss.

I saw a bottle in Healthy Options today and I'm going to give it a try.  Who knows?!?!?! It might work!  According to the sales girl, Oprah promoted it in her show.  Wish me luck!

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