Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bulalo Envy

I've been waiting all week long for Saturday ever since I saw Dodai's photo of the Bulalo soup she made.  I couldn't wait to cook also the same.  I got the beef shank from Mrs. Garcia's meat in Metro supermarket.  I always choose the ones with small bones and with lots of marbling.  I  know marbling means the meat will be tender...  it's not fat... it's "litid". 

With lots of vegetables and sweet corn.  Gilly had several servings, as usual.

She also liked the Baked Mussels! Hermie prepared it last night together with Tita Portia's.  You can freeze the unbaked mussels overnight and just put it in the oven before the guests arrive.

Ate's request was the Bicol Express, I already cooked it yesterday but added the shrimps today when I reheated it.

Two kinds of Inihaw na Liempo .... regular grill cut, which is thicker and the very thin grill cut pork belly.

Filipino food theme is not complete without the home made Bagoong Guisado with the chicharon bits and garlic. 

We also ate the Buco salad Tita Ruby brought last night.

I was enjoying my lunch when I accidentally bit the tip of my tongue!!!  OUCH!  I was making such a big ruckus because I wanted to eat more!  I used an ice cube to stem the flow of blood and after a while .... good as new and resumed eating.  Sometimes, when we are all together... I get so excited... couldn't wait to chew and swallow my food so I can get a word in!

 Maybe people are wondering why I serve almost the same kind of food every Saturday to my family ...'s because it's what they like to eat... it's everybody comfort food perhaps.  Sometimes, I would introduce a new dish and get a "thumbs up".  Will try to experiment with more recipes next time.

Hahahaha  I was probably so full from lunch, I fell asleep while editing this post!

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