Saturday, February 12, 2011

Homemade Bacon Crisps

I was so dizzy when I woke up this morning.  I was probably tired from yesterday's activity.  It started very early, I had to wake up at 9 because my Ate and I went to Our Lady of Lourdes.  I am a devotee and I always pray the novena.  I just discovered that the novena prayer I found at home was obsolete already! No wonder I had to pray the litany everyday!  In the new version, it is not included.

After visiting the Shrine, Ate, Tita Portia and I had the dim sum buffet at Lili.. I was so full.  Maybe the reason why I was so dizzy this morning was because of the sodium, I did not use the soy sauce sparingly and we ate lunch up to 3:00 pm!

Attack of the Vertigo!  I texted my Ate when I woke up to ask her to just buy roasted chicken from S & R because I wasn't feeling well.  After I had my cup of peppermint tea, I was able to get up and checked my freezer.  I only had the beef for Gilly's Nilagang Baka and a pack of Bacon slice pork belly. 

Mona taught me how to cook it.  I asked Hermie to just put rock salt, dredge in cornstarch, not flour, and to fry.  My brother in law liked it so much! He even asked how it was cooked.  It was a cross between crunchy bacon and paper thin chicharon!!!!

Homemade Bacon Crisps

I also made a different version of "Ugly Olie" today to let my Ate try.  I didn't have capellini, lemon and Italian Flat Leaf Parsley so I substituted with spaghetti, calamansi and sweet basil leaves.  I liked this version better. 

Roasted  Chicken from S & R
I'm letting my stomach have a day off today... it has been so tired lately.  Hopefully, by tomorrow, it should be well rested already because I have another FOOD activity!

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