Monday, February 7, 2011

First Saturday Family Lunch for 2011

Do you know that I haven't seen my Ate and her family since New Year's Eve?!!!  January was a busy month for us.  Goodness! A month has passed already!  It is so scary because it seems that everyday the passage of time seems to go faster.  I had a lot of plans and things to do ...  lots of New Year's resolutions ... but haven't acted on them yet.

So, finally... last Saturday ... I was able to have lunch with my family. 

Ate asked me to buy in Seaside Macapagal, alimango (mud crabs) because she got envious of the crabs I ate with my friends.  I already have a "suki" in Seaside and her stall's name is Lillian's Crab.

I just steamed the crabs in Sprite, after giving them a thorough brushing.  I cooked them while they were still alive.  I did not feel any remorse and was able to enjoy the crab.  Does that mean I have no compassion?  I am upset when I see pigs, cows or chickens on their way to the slaughterhouse but I still love to eat them.  I just don't think about those creatures in their "living" state but just imagine them served on a platter.

I burned half of the crabs....  but not really the crabs... more of the wok, so I had to transfer the other half to another wok with cover.  (Shiny crabs 1st batch, dull looking crabs, second batch.)

I bought 1 kilo of oysters in shell.  When I opened the bag, there were only 10 pieces!  My Ate did not want to eat raw oysters.  I LIKE raw oysters, I wonder why it is bad to eat them????  I usually squeeze lemon or calamansi on raw oyster and enjoy it go down my throat.  I also like Kilawin na Talaba.  Next time, I'm going to make Oysters Teppanyaki.  I just baked the oysters with garlic, butter and cheese.

No Nilagang Baka for Gilly because Ate said the food was more than enough.  So... I'm saving it for next weekend. 

I like the Thai Grilled Pork belly recipe better than the Inihaw na Liempo.

 I bought very thin Grill Cut Pork Belly from Rustan's.  I have a feeling everybody liked it because when I wanted to get second.. ahh.. third... no... fourth serving, the  platter was empty.

How can we eat Inihaw without green mangoes with bagoong??!?!?! 

I also bought from Seaside "PIYESTA" Sweet Bagoong.  I couldn't stop eating, really good bagoong but I did not saute anymore in garlic and pork fat.  The aligue of the crabs was enough cholesterol already!

Ate brought Fresh Lumpia from Goldilocks.

It was a happy family gathering once again.  Food really is a tie that binds.  Thinking already of what to serve with Nilagang Baka this coming Saturday!

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