Monday, November 28, 2016

My Dates

I have been going out with friends these past few days.  Mostly, eating dates!

Hahahaha! I wonder when will I post my date with a man!!! Still waiting but not actively searching.  Well... I should make it my career!

At the moment, I am happy with present company.

Merienda date with FGM Cindy at Texas Roadhouse, Uptown Mall.


Baked Loaded Potato

Bacon Cheeseburger

Another snack date with FGM at Cibo.

Potato chips and Mushroom Dip

Pomelo with Splenda Shake

Last Saturday, Mona and I bumped into Doc Bernie and Dra. Tricia in Landmark after mass.

We ate at Via Mare.

Lugaw Toppings

Tokwa't Baboy

Fresh Lumpia


Puto Bumbong

Thank you, Cindy, Doc Bernie and Dra. Tricia for the treat!

Mona and I tried the Halo-Halo at the newly opened Teresita's at the Landmark Food Court.

I just saw this beautiful saying about friends.  I saved it and thought to share it here in my blog.

So... appropriate.  NO need for words to explain exactly how I feel.

My Pet Chronicle

Lola Yaya likes to play with Snowball.

Snowball likes her Lola Yaya.  In fact, she prefers Lola Yaya over me!

My baby girl, Lizzie!

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