Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Joyride On A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I went on a joyride last Sunday.  I did not have anything to do so I went to Glorietta 5 to ride the P2P (Point to Point) bus.

The bus was really huge!

You have to climb up a few steps to get to the top.

The seats were spacious!

You even get your own monitor.  You have an option to watch a movie, read an ebook, etc. There was even a legrest.

I sat on the very first row.

It left the bus station at 12 noon to go to the next destination (SM Megamall bus stop) even if there were only 2 passengers.

The bus arrived in Trinoma at 12:40!  To think we had to wait for 10 minutes in Megamall!

I thought to myself, Whew! That was fast! Then, it suddenly dawned on me there was a Pacquiao fight.  The streets of Manila are usually deserted whenever there is a boxing match.

When I got to Trinoma, I went to Landmark supermarket.  What did I see in the food court area?!?!?!  My favorite Lotsa Pizza Ham and Cheese!

My friends tease me all the time that I am so "jeje" (meaning pedestrian? for lack of a better word) when it comes to food. They call this kind of pizza, PICHA PIE!

I am very happy whenever I get the chance to eat one of my favorite pizzas.  It reminds me of the 3M pizza we used to buy on E. Rodriquez.  I remember the house was white and there was a pizza kiosk outside their gate.

SM North The Block was just across Trinoma.  There is a footbridge that connects the 2 malls.  I ate my 2nd snack at King Chef Dimsum Kitchen.

I wanted to order the Sesame Prawn Roll because I wanted to know what was inside the roll. I was able to buy the rice paper in Binondo last week.  According to the waiter, that dimsum was only available in the Banawa and Lucky Chinatown mall branches.

I had Chicken Feet

and Taro Puff instead. I did not want to overeat because I still have a dinner date with FGM.

I really enjoyed riding the bus but my eyes were closed most of the time!!! I get dizzy when I am in a fast moving vehicle.  I recalled that when I was in a cruise ship, the higher the deck, the more you could feel the swaying of the ship.  Remember, the bus was almost like a double decker and running quite fast because there was no traffic.

Would I ride again? Yes!!!!

But perhaps during weekends only because the fare is 25.00 (promo price).

I wish most of the buses in Metro Manila are like P2P buses.

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