Sunday, November 20, 2016

One Week Of Eating Activities

My stomach has been so busy this past week!

I should do a weekly report.  My friends would always complain that I do not write as often anymore.  I get excited when I have new recipes to share but my day to day eating activities are too short to post so I just waited for the week to go by.  And it was a very fast week!


Kare-Kare Day!

FGM ordered a box of Nanay Pacing's Peanut Butter from Baler, Quezon.  She gave me the rest of the ingredients to make Kare-Kare and we ate it in my house with Mona and Pinky.

I really loved the peanut butter.  It tasted like liquid choc nut.  I loved it so much that Cat gave me a whole bottle and then FGM gave me another bottle, as well!  I was prepared to travel all the way to Baler just to buy it but Cat said it takes 6 hours by car to get there! Imagine how many hours it will take if I ride the bus????  I need to find a way to order it.


A quick trip to Binondo in the afternoon for the dimsum promo at Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant.


Siomai, Spareribs and Bola-Bola Siopao


A date with.... Lia!  I was in the mood to eat at Shaburi.


Kansi lunch with Cat and Mona.  I used the Batwan I bought in Boracay.

We invaded Regent Parkway again!

I super missed Dodai and Eileen.

I baked Cinnamon rolls for the gang.  I was waiting for the rolls to cool before putting the frosting on top.


Lunch Date with Tita Estrel, Tricia and Mona.  We ate at Franco's in Powerplant.  We ordered different kinds of pizzas ( Shrimp and Anchovies, 4 Cheese and Margharita).  I forgot to take pictures!!!!  Thank you, Tita Estrel!


I baked an apple pie for my senior neighbor.  It was my birthday gift to her.

Art exhibit in Bel-Air.  Cocktails with the Junkies.

credit to Cat


I had an errand somewhere near Makati Cinema Square when I suddenly saw the tarp signage!!!

The dimsum promo in Lucky Rainbow is back!

Of course, I had to eat there.  Imagine, I don't have to go to Binondo anymore for the promo! It is right here in Makati along Pasong Tamo diagonally across Don Bosco.

Hakaw - so plump and filled with whole shrimps!

Beancurd Skin Roll

Chicken Feet


Ham Suy Kok

I went to the supermarket in Waltermart which is now owned by SM!  I bought ingredients for the BBQ Honey Chicken which I ate in Jodie's house and planned to experiment.

Simple procedure:

Coat the chicken in seasoned flour.  Fry then drain.

Put the Mama Sita BBQ marinade and honey in a pan.

Let it boil until it is syrupy.  Coat the chicken with the sauce.

I plan to improve the recipe so will post it when I have perfected it already.

After cooking the chicken, I met up with FGM and Tita Menchit in Rockwell.  Since I liked the pizza at Franco's, I suggested we eat there.

Pumpkin soup was good!

French Onion Soup

Shrimp and Anchovy Pizza



Would you believe that I ate at Lucky Rainbow again?!?!?!

This time with my Ate and Gilly.

I loved the birthday Noodles!!!!! Can I say LOVE over and over again?!?!?

Why? Because it is not covered in too many ingredients plus it was glistening in oil! I saw Gilly's lips looked like it was bathed in lip gloss!  Did it taste greasy?!?! Not at all!

Radish Cake! Loved it, as well.

The wonderful thing about eating at Lucky Rainbow is your food is made to order.

So, when it came out of the kitchen, it was piping hot.

Siomai and Hakaw - I am not fond of Hakaw but I can eat their Hakaw.

Steamed Spareribs - again!

Lucky Rainbow Spring Rolls

Steamed Beancurd Skin Rolls - again!

After mass at the park, FGM and I checked out the Backyard BBQ Grill at the football field.  I bought piaya, suman with fillings, corn bread and nachos.

Then, we went to Powerplant mall for dinner.

I had a bowl of Chili.  It was such a huge serving.

FGM ordered the Burger with Bacon.

What a busy, busy, busy week for my stomach!!!!

I still have a lot of eating engagements in the coming days.

"Lisa!!! Why is my sugar quite high?"  She said to check out my own blog and I will know the reason why.

November 19

Wriggly passed away on this day last year.  It was a sad day for me.

Fast forward a year after, God replaced him with Snowball!

She really isn't mine.  Sophie owns her but she is always out because of school and can't take care of her.

So... Lola Lia to the rescue!  I take care of Snowball and my Kuya pays for all her bills - food, grooming, vet, etc.

Plus.... emotionally, I am not too attached because I know she is not mine.  I have no problem with that.

But there is one teeny problem,  Snowball likes to sleep on my bed!

In the middle of my bed!

Lola Lia has to find a way to move Snowball to her own bed without waking up the puppy later.


  1. H Lia, would you know how / where to order the peanut butter? Thank you!

    1. Hi Cristin,

      I'm Cristin. Still trying to figure out how to order. Will post it as soon as I know.