Sunday, November 13, 2016

My 20th Journey To Boracay

I have been traveling to Boracay since 2010.  I took a 1 year break in 20 13 and this week was my 20th trip to my favorite place on earth!


It was recently voted as the No. 1 beach  by Conde Nast Traveler.

I was with Mariger, Mona and Pinky.

Mariger and I cannot travel together without an equalizer (3rd person) because something always happen if it is just the two of us.

On departure morning from Manila, we were still all smiles and excited to start our holiday.

As usual, I have to eat my favorite siopao at Vin Vin in Terminal 4.

And then..... our 11 am flight was cancelled! Mariger and I were given free travel vouchers (1 way domestic trip) and were transferred to the 12:30 flight, Mona's flight.  Then It was announced that the new ETD would be 2 pm.  It was time for another snack! Chicken turnover from Seattle's Best.

We were still alright but my 2 "lola" companions were feeling cold already.

Reason why I love terminal 4 is because of the air con.  And I chose a spot where the air would hit us directly.  At that time, I was already craving for hot soup and Bicol express!  I was so lucky because when I went to Vin Vin's to check out the food, there was Bicol express!!!

And then.... our flight was cancelled again!!!! That means another free domestic flight but we wanted to be in Boracay already!  We were given Jollibee chicken meal and water and we were transferred to another flight (and to Terminal 4) but going to Kalibo instead of Caticlan at 5 pm! That means a 2 hour bus ride and by the time we cross the channel to our destination it would be 9 pm!!!  I was a bit afraid because I do not want to ride the pump boat at night!

It is a good thing Southwest Tours now owns a speed boat!

The trip only took 4 minutes and I was not scared, at all.

Another good thing was that I was with happy troopers! Imagine if I was with people who would whine and rant about the 6 hour delay knowing you could not do anything about it?  (Another happy trooper I know is Jing.)  So, the 8 hour wait at both terminals 4 and 3 was bearable because of my companions.

As soon as we got to the island, we immediately went to Maya's to have our dinner and to meet up with Pinky who took the 8:20 am flight.

I have always wanted to eat the Tacos Baja (Fish tacos) in my past trips but I was always so full but this time I was VERY hungry!!!!

I prefer their Mango shake than Jonah's.

Mariger and Mona shared an order of Lechon Kawali, the best on the island according to the reviews.

Pinky ate already earlier.

After dinner, we checked in to our hotel, Fairways and Bluewater.

We loved our room!!!  It is in a brand new building, Villa 8.

The room before Lia unpacked.

The room after I unpacked my things!

Hahahahaha.  I put back everything in my suitcase right after I got what I needed.

I am such a horrible travel mate because I'm "makalat" (messy) and as soon as my head touches the pillow, I start snoring! LOUDLY!

Breakfast was just ok.

Nothing to rave about.

We then explored the resort.....

It has 6 swimming pools but we only got to see 4.

This is the pool at Villa 8 where we stayed.

Infinity Pools

Fairways has a small chapel inside a cave.

The resort has a private beach called Paradise Cove.

We did not stay long because we wanted to go to the other parts of the island.

Puka Beach!!!

It is one of the most photogenic beaches in Boracay.

I took a photo of a big wave approaching towards me.

I took Pinky's picture while she was enjoying in the water.

We already have a mutual understanding  when it comes to taking each other's photos.  I take good pictures of her and in return, she takes good photos of me..... just like this one....

I really love it!  Hahahahaha.  

Mariger and Mona did not want to go into the water because of the waves and the ocean floor would suddenly deepen.

We moved to my most favorite part of White Beach,...Angol Point.

This is near the end of Station 3 where there are not so many people.  

Just a quiet part of the island where everybody had a great time in the water.

We had a very late lunch at Nagisa Coffee Shop, Angol Point.

And then we went back into the water.  Since it is a very quiet part of the island, the only nearby snack place the was the "Banana Q" kiosk.

I had fish balls, Karioka and cheese sticks.

We then walked along the stretch of white beach.  I bought bbq from a bbq vendor.  

Happy Hour at Willy's resort to wait for the sunset.

While they were having drinks...

I ordered Pancit Bam-i.

We all went back to the hotel to shower and change for another round of meals.

Pig Out Bistro - same owner as Maya's.

Rustic French Onion Soup

Basket of wings with onion rings and potato chips


I was so sleepy already and did not have the energy anymore to go clubbing.  Hahahahaha Mona wanted to and I told them they can go without me.  But everybody decided to call it a night.

As soon as we got back to the room, I changed into my night gown, told them to close the lights.

I covered myself with my green security blanket, laid my head on the pillow and I was out for the count.  

photo credit to Pinky 

Pinky and Mona said it only took 2 seconds for me to sleep soundly.  Hahahahaha Pinky even said that it is one of my greatest talents.

Pinky and Mona had to leave early the next day while I was still sleeping.  I spent the whole day with Mariger.

Enjoyed the facilities of the resort for a while and then went to Angol Point again.  She liked the Mixed Tempura at Nagisa so we each ordered our own.

The sunset was quite spectacular!

The photo did not do it justice.  Viewing it with the naked eye, it was a huge ball of orange fire.

Last dinner with Mariger at Island Chicken Inasal.

Sate Babi

Chicken Inasal

Isol!!! I tried it for the very time!

And then.... I was all alone the next day.  Mariger took an early flight to Manila.

I went swimming in Station 1.  It was so beautiful.

I did not want to go home yet.  The water was so clear and the sun was really shining brightly.

November is a good time to go to Boracay.

Of course, I could not leave the island without eating my favorite pizza at Two Seasons.

Shrimp with Brie and Goat'sCheese Pizza.

Why do I love it so much???

Need I explain more?!?!?!

I rode the speed boat going back to Caticlan Jetty Port.

This is one of my most memorable trips!  I was with wonderful company, Mona, Pinky and Mariger.

People ask me, why do you go to Boaracay all the time?

I have one simple answer.... 

Because it makes me happy!

I cannot explain to you how happy I am.... will just show you instead.


  1. You sure love Boracay, Lia. You ought to be Miss Boracay or appointed as Ambassadress of Boracay hehe :-) - Brent's mom

    1. Hi, Brent's Mom! Yes, you are right! I ought to be called Miss Boracay! Hahahaha.