Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Dear Kuya Nicky.....

Happy birthday to the best boy in the world! 

That is what PD calls my nephew, Nicky.  

He is my favorite!  Also, the favorite of my mom.  Our world revolved around him until the time the other nieces and nephew were born.

He is already a 2nd year Med proper student. I always pray for him... A boy with such a gentle soul.

When I saw the t-shirt in the mall, I thought to myself, This is what I want to give him!

But then we he tried it on in my house.... Well.... It looked like he was part of my house! Hahahahaha!

My official children's party menu:

Children's Sweet Style Spaghetti

Pork BBQ

Lumpiang Shanghai

Fried Chicken

Cake from Breadtalk.

Kuya Nicky blowing out his birthday candle with the rest of the kids!

Happy Birthday, Kuya Nicky!!!!! 


When I woke up and checked my sugar yesterday morning, I was so surprised it was 263! I got a little frustrated, again. Because I have been following the diet prescribed to me.

So, when I am frustrated, I get self destructive.

Breakfast was 2 pieces pancakes with butter and Log Cabin syrup.

I ate spaghetti, bbq, lumpiang shanghai, chicken, rice and cake.

Twinkies and peach mango pie for merienda.

Shabu Shabu Porkloin set for dinner.

When I woke up today, my sugar was only 163?!?!  How could it be when I ate a lot of bad food yesterday?

I guess the stress of weighing my food and timing everytime I eat cause undue stress thus making my sugar high.

This is really so confusing.  But fear not.... I will solve this.

Fur-Babies Chronicle

Dukha almost bit my leg!

I went out to the garage to grill the bbq for lunch when I suddenly felt her teeth on my leg! 

But she really did not mean it.  I told her, Huy!

I think it was just her way of being sweet.  Plus the night before, I gave her and Sabrina the skin of the Daing na Bangus. She was probably saying, thank you.

I am not afraid of her.  She and Sabrina have complete shots.

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