Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Celebrations

The lenten season ended when I attended the Easter Vigil at the Powerplant Chapel!  The venue was overflowing. It was a little hot because of the number of people. Midway through the celebration, I stepped out and stood on the corridor near the escalators. 

I could not understand the priest quite well plus I was distracted by the smell of the pizza coming from Cibo.

The only thing I heard, or maybe chose to hear was the priest saying, Happy Easter!

I could not contain my smile! I probably looked so crazy because I had this secret smile on my face!

Happy Easter?!? The priest said, Happy Easter?!?!?

My lenten sacrifice was not to eat ice for whole season of Lent.  I made a deal with God that I will not eat ice cream so I will not get sick when I go on vacation.

Back to the Happy Easter...... The only thing that came to my mind was.....


I could eat  the Klondike I bought which I hid in the freezer so nobody could see!

Since I attended the vigil, the breaking of my ice cream lenten sacrifice would be the night before easter!

My very first ice cream in 40 days!

After the vigil, PD and I had a snack at Solstice, 8 Rockwell.

Aligue Pasta

Pizza Margherita

Easter lunch with my family at home.

Lechon Kawali

Boiled Shrimps

Szechuan Shrimps

Taosi Clams - Kuya asked me to buy in Mann Hann

Vegetables with my sweet bagoong.

Molo Soup

Easter ice cream at the Farmacy with PD. 

Then I went to Ortigas to visit Pinky at Astoria Plaza where she is billeted for a few days of R&R.  We had dinner at Tim Ho Wan, Megamall.

Baked Buns and Congee

Vermicelli with Pork BBQ

Vermicelli with Sesame and Peanuts

Post Easter date with FGM at Jasmine, New World Hotel.

Indeed a Happy Easter!

It was my first time to do a Lenten sacrifice and I loved the feeling of getting excited over the breaking of the fast.

I did not do it solely for the deal with God but to offer the sacrifice to him, as well.

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