Friday, March 18, 2016

Have You Seen Lia?

"Lia! Where are you?"

I can't seem to find Lia! She has been missing in action for the past several weeks.

If you noticed, I haven't posted new recipes lately.  

Since I got sick, I "temporarily" lost my interest in experimenting with new dishes.

I don't know why but I haven't been myself these past couple of months.

Imagine, the Junkies had breakfast yesterday at Apartment 1b in Rockwell and I forgot to take pictures!  Tricia treated us for breakfast.

That is so unusual!  So, we made it a point to have a group picture yesterday at Tita Ope's 80th birthday celebration.

We have not been together as a whole group since Shey gave birth! Her daughter is almost a year old!

I normally have a huge appetite but I get nauseous now when I eat a lot.

My lunch was at Tim Ho Wan, Megamall.

I just ordered the Pork Buns

Vermicelli with Barbecued Pork

Spareribs Rice

I could not finish all my food whereas before, I would order more and polished it all!

Aside from dim sum, the only thing I want to eat is fried fish!  

It's not so blog worthy but sharing a few photographs.

I am probably so distracted by anything and everything.  I don't even have time to chat with my friends anymore.  

Just the other night, Lisa asked me, how are you?

I enumerated all my activites:

Breakfast with the Junkies
Go to the supermarket for my order
Cook Chicken Relleno
Get ready to attend the birthday party 
Buy food in Rockwell
Wake up early, cook the rest of the order
Deliver food in Ortigas
Errands in Megamall
Banking errands in Rockwell
Attend a birthday party
Go to AC for an errand
Cook for dinner
Attend a dinner meeting

Then Lisa replied, Ok! Talk to you next year!

I used to have more energy before I got sick but lately, I've just been so tired! Lethargic... Limbs so heavy... Listless.

I hope to get my "groove" back.  Sooner rather than later.

This is probably just a phase in my life.

Please bear with me.... I will look for Lia.  I promise you.

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