Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sharing One Fairy God Mother

Sharing is caring.....

Chacha and I share one fairy god mother.

FGM (Fairy God Mother) Cindy invited me to attend Chacha's convocation in her school.

Every quarter she gets several awards. So for the past 4 years, FGM Cindy has been attending this event.

We had a late lunch at Mom and Tina's in QC.

Mac and Cheese for Chacha.

Spinach and Chicken Lasagna for FGM.

Paella Valenciana for Bobong.

Barbecue Chicken for me.

On our way to the restaurant, we discovered that we have several things in common!

Chacha and I both love to sing!

Hahahahaha but do not compare me to her! I sing because I love to. It does not necessarily mean I sound pleasant.

She sings to compete! Chacha recently won in Eurovision, an international singing contest for children.

She also loves to eat chips and chocolates!

We both talk incessantly!

Kindred spirit as one might say.

And the clincher is....

We both believe in....

Sharing is caring.... But never with my food! Ever! Ever! Ever!

Ahahahahahahahaha My mini me?

Thank you FGM Cindy


letting me tag along....

lunch at Mom and Tina's...

And for the Ebi Katsu Burger at Yabu!






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